Syntax Distribution Management System (iSDM) and Cloud for ISDM

Enterprise Resource Planning

The challenge of arming decision makers with the actionable information they need to fuel growth and profitability is as old as business itself.

Customers from throughout North America have been meeting this challenge with Syntax’s enterprise solutions since 1972. Anticipating the rapidly growing need for flexible, packaged ERP software, Syntax launched its Syntax Distribution Management (iSDM) ERP solution in 1982.

Syntax offers true “Been there, done that” ERP experience and expertise. We have applied our in-depth knowledge of supply chain, order management, e-commerce, price and cost control, automated replenishment, inventory control, manufacturing, warehouse management, and customer service management to power our iSDM solutions.

We provide best-of-class software and underlying technology to meet your needs for an end-to-end solution that gets you up and running fast – and keeps you moving full speed ahead.

iSDM - for your industry:

Cloud for iSDM

Powerful. Simple. Robust: The Syntax Distribution Management System (iSDM) serves your entire organization, providing instant access to information and which allows you to provide improved customer service.

You can increase the value that iSDM delivers to your organization by taking advantage of our iSDM for Cloud options, including mobile offerings. Using iSDM via the Syntax Enterprise Cloud® relieves your organization of the need to purchase, co-locate and support the IBM iSeries Server.

Ensure that you maintain instant access to your mission critical data by using iSDM on the Syntax Enterprise Cloud®.

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