jd edwards 9.25 orchestrator

JD Edwards 9.2.5 – Six New Orchestrator Enhancements

JD Edwards 9.2.5 has been released.  Here is a quick, plain-English explanation of the enhancements to the “Swiss Army Knife” we call Orchestrator in our JD Edwards toolboxes.

1) Assertion Framework for Orchestrations

We can now use orchestrations for test scripts and as a very simple automated testing tool.  Specially, this new feature allows an orchestration creator to specify the values that are expected to be produced by an orchestration and identify any failed output results.

2) Enhanced Configuration Between Enterprise Servers and AIS Servers

Oracle has enabled the soft coding the configuration between EnterpriseOne enterprise servers and Application Interface Services (AIS) servers as database records and not entries in the jde.ini configuration file.

3) Allow Variables in REST File Uploads

In the Connector component that uses a REST connection, we can now use variables when uploading a file.  This enables increased flexibility by allowing you to dynamically determine the name of the file being uploaded.

4) Configurable AIS Session Initialization

To conserve system resources, this enhancement the system to be configured so that an AIS session will only be established if certain features are enabled.

5) Extending EnterpriseOne User Sessions to Externally Hosted Web Applications

This enhancement enables EnterpriseOne and third-party applications to share session information to more efficiently use shared resources and improve the user experience.

6) Optimized Retrieval of Large Data Sets by Orchestrator

Oracle has implemented memory and performance improvements in the JD Edwards 9.2.5 tools release, especially when retrieving large data sets.  One new feature allows the output to be written to a disk and not placed into the orchestration output which keeps the response from growing too large.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Orchestrator is a key component for your integrations, mobile applications, system administration, process automation and simplification, and the removal of customizations.  The enhancements delivered with tools release 9.2.5 continue Oracle’s pledge to provide and frequently improve tools that aid in your digital transformation.

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