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JD Edwards Enhancements

Earlier this fall Oracle Corporation announced several major enhancements for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. Here we’re happy to profile a few of them and provide a little insight into what they mean to you.

Going Mobile with JD Edwards UX One

The most noticeable enhancements relate directly to the UX. JD Edwards has beefed up UX One’s navigation capabilities within Analytic Components by enhancing drill-down capability and Oracle has paired new functionality that allows users to launch a context menu consisting of a selection of applications.

  • This will facilitate access to additional master data or transaction information tied to the information in the chart.

In addition to these upgrades to JD Edwards UX One, Oracle has improved EnterpriseOne’s mobile functionalities.

First, Oracle has launched a Mobile Employee Time Entry tablet application that will allow employees to easily record, review and submit timecards whether they’re working in the office or working off site. Users can configure this application to meet whatever data collection requirements their organization defines with respect to specific roles.

Users benefit because they now have a simple interface that provides them with the exact time card information that corresponds to their role, complete with a visual representation of the time card status and hours entered for the period.

Second, Oracle has launched a new Mobile Inventory Transfer and Mobile Cycle Count Tablet applications that gives organizations real-time, accurate access to their JD Edwards Inventory Management data. The application provides material handlers with barcode-enabled mobile applications thus eliminating delays and errors associated with paper-based and manual entry processes.

Third, Oracle is now allowing both customers and partners to leverage Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) 2.4 when building new mobile applications integrated with JD Edwards. This provides developers with access to the latest features and fixes when using the JD Edwards Mobile Framework with MAF.
Integration with Oracle Content and Experience Cloud Service

Oracle has enhanced JD Edwards EnterpriseOne to allow end-users to easily add, edit and view Content and Experience Cloud documents that are unrelated to JD Edwards transactions. The integration supports working with cloud documents in-context with a JD Edwards master data or a JD Edwards transaction via a cloud documents icon link in the JD Edwards ‘Chrome.’

Oracle has also enhanced Paperclip indicators so that a paperclip on a JD Edwards transaction or master data record now indicates the existence of cloud documents in addition to traditional media objects.

This means that end users can now see at a glance whether documents exist without having to go into the cloud.

JD Edwards Financials Enhancements

JD Edwards users who are involved in joint ventures will welcome Oracle’s latest enhancement to JD Edwards Financials that provides a new set of functionality that is specifically tailored to joint venture management. Managing partners can now define joint ventures, specify date-effective percentages of ownership, and calculate each joint venture partner’s pro rata share of both cost and revenue.

Perhaps more importantly, JD Edwards users who need to manage joint ventures now have important management oversight functionality that includes traceability and auditability into all transactions and distributed amounts related to each joint venture.

JD Edwards has also extended Alternate Language Support to include Payment Terms Description to allowing users communicate effectively with employees, clients and suppliers by presenting payment terms in their preferred language.

JD Edwards Capital Asset Management and Service Management

While preventive maintenance schedules are often the same for similar pieces of equipment, there’s never been a scalable way to build a uniform maintenance schedule. Oracle’s latest enhancement to JD Edwards Capital Asset Management and Service Management functionality provides a simplified means of copying a Preventive Maintenance Schedule from one piece of equipment to another.

JD Edwards HCM Enhancements

Oracle is also making several specific enhancements to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne’s Human Capital Management including:

  • Ability to delete Job/Pay History records from the Update Employee History application
  • Ability to update Date In Current Job when performing mass updates
  • Ability to direct an entire payment to the remainder record to allow greater flexibility for ACH deposits
  • Ability to enter an explanation on each time card in Employee Daily Time Entry and Employee Summary Time Entry

Oracle has also boosted the usability and simplicity of entry and management of incidents in Health and Safety Incident Management:

  • For Incident Entry, use a new option to filter the YTD Incidents count by Company or Establishment, and therefore see more specific YTD counts.
  • For Incident Entry, use new options when editing incidents to streamline incident entry and edits. Use Save and Continue to ensure the incident is saved immediately and avoid loss of data due to user inactivity or system timeout.
  • Use Save and Close to advance to the next incident when multiple incidents are selected for edit.
  • For Speed Incident Entry, use a new option to display or hide the new Additional Information section that includes category Codes and allows employees to report information specific to your organization.
  • Set options for Incident Entry and Speed Incident Entry to automatically check Classification check boxes. In addition, set a default value or filter the user-defined code list for Security and Other classifications. Use these options to create specific versions for types of incident entry; use form personalization to remove any unnecessary fields and simplify entry for the user.

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