Managing the Risks Associated with a JD Edwards Upgrade by Using Proven Upgrade Methodology

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A JD Edwards upgrade presents an opportunity to improve upon your JD Edwards implementation and can at the same time present a series of potential complications for certain organizations.


It is essential to have a clear strategy and proven methodology in place to ensure that an upgrade will achieve specific business objectives while minimizing risks associated with the upgrade process. Using a proven upgrade methodology from an expert JD Edwards upgrade partner can help to ensure that the upgrade provides the full benefits of the new version of the software while significantly reducing any negative organizational impact and associated risks.
Upgrade planning including:Some of the key issues to consider when defining your JD Edwards upgrade strategy include:

        • Upgrade planning including:
          • Upgrade type
          • Business Case
          • Resource strategy
        • Data Migration Strategy
        • Interface Strategy
        • Modification Strategy
        • Training Strategy
        • Testing Strategy

Risks Associated with an Upgrade

Knowing the risks involved with an upgrade is an essential part of planning for and implementing a successful upgrade.

Some of the potential risks to consider:

  • Infrastructure availability: Where will the infrastructure be positioned? On premise, co-location center, the cloud? Will it be available when you need it?
  • Internal project resource availability: Do you have the resources you need to complete the project in the desired time frame? What about their “day job”? What happens if your resources are pulled from the project?
  • Change Management: Who is going to manage the change in the organization and business processes brought about by the upgrade?
  • Scope creep beyond the agreed upon project definition: How do you insure that you do not extend the project budget or timeline due to increases in scope?
  • Development and Interface complexity: What do you do if the modification and/or interface complexity is greater than what was originally anticipated?
  • Competing projects: How do you insure that you retain management focus and resources on the upgrade if another project is initiated?
  • Training of end users: How do you train your end users on the new look and feel, functionality and business processes, particularly if they are geographically separated?

Managing and navigating through these risks requires a proven methodology, the dedication and skillset of highly trained project team members, clear understanding of the impact on an existing JD Edwards solution and continuous executive management involvement.

Importance of Using Proven Upgrade Methodology

Every JD Edwards customer considering an upgrade has business-specific requirements, finite resources with the desired skillsets, and unique frustrations to consider. Often, however, they do not have a clear enough picture of the process required for successful implementation. This can significantly magnify any potential risks. All of these considerations can be addressed with the proper application of a proven upgrade methodology.

Using a proven methodology from an experienced upgrade partner enables you to minimize the impact on internal resources and enjoy a seamless and secure JD Edwards upgrade. A JD Edwards Upgrade partner like Syntax can offer customers knowledge accumulated through decades of JD Edwards ERP experience. Syntax has developed and refined their methodology over the course of completing over 50 successful upgrades.

Proven Upgrade Methodology Defined

Syntax’s proven methodology, SyntaxExpress™, is a comprehensive upgrade solution that incorporates a complete end-to-end process, customized upgrade tools, and experienced resources. Syntax’s proven methodology assists in the process of identifying your particular business needs and goals for the upgrade, planning an appropriate upgrade strategy in line with these findings, and risk management.

Each solution is uniquely designed with the end in mind, to deliver the maximum value from the upgrade to the new software version while managing the impact to the organization.

Benefits of Following Proven Upgrade Methodology

A proven upgrade methodology, complete with a defined process for managing risk, acts as a compass and helps to define a precise upgrade path to ensure a successful and cost-effective upgrade. It also helps to assist your company with developing a future roadmap for business and technology.

As a Platinum qualified JD Edwards partner, Syntax can guide you through your upgrade using a proven upgrade methodology to ensure that you have the tools and assistance you need to leverage the benefits while minimizing the risks associated with an upgrade.

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