Microsoft Workloads on Amazon Web Services

The Syntax Advantage

Migrate, Extend and Run Microsoft-Based Solutions to AWS

Syntax helps you build, deploy, scale, and manage Microsoft applications quickly, easily, securely, and cost-effectively on Amazon Web Services. The complexity of administering your own file, web, app and database servers, managing & patching the OS, and backing up both can be overwhelming, with multiple skill sets and multiple people involved. Factor in the compliance requirements for true Disaster Recovery (DR) continuity and suddenly running your Microsoft environments consumes more time and talent than you can spare. Syntax takes this high-maintenance headache away by deploying, managing and safe-guarding your Microsoft workloads on AWS—simply a better way to address availability, scale and disaster recovery with ease.

Syntax’s DNA is in the most complex ERP environments. With this expertise comes expansive MS SQL knowledge to migrate, build, manage and scale any MS SQL workload, while determining the optimal EC2 or RDS AWS environment.

As an AWS Advanced consulting partner, Syntax has also developed unprecedented visibility into AWS environments with our Intelligent Autonomous Platform. Let our expertise remove the complexity of running complex Microsoft environments on AWS, while allowing you to focus on your core applications.

Syntax Intelligent Autonomous Platform

  • Visualization tools for performance reporting, incident tickets details, dynamic network diagram and utilization metrics
  • Availability, Network and OS monitoring
  • Cost optimization and right sizing
  • Automated provisioning
  • Auto-Scaling and Auto-Healing
  • Ephemeral Firewall
  • Integration with GuardDuty, WAF, Inspector & Shield
  • Archiving, Compliance and Continuity services

Key Benefits

  • AWS & Microsoft Certified Architects
  • AWS Enterprise Support for all customers
  • Customer owned account, no lock-in
  • OS and Application Patching
  • Automated snapshots of the entire infrastructure with cross regional replication
  • SQL Server Certified DBAs

Syntax Disaster Recovery:

Microsoft SQL Workloads on AWS

Widely recognized for expertise in running complex ERP workloads in the cloud for the past 40+ years, Syntax applies the same rigor and customer focus to deploying Microsoft workloads on AWS. Learn about the Syntax Advantage including our Optimal SQL Environment on AWS, Unique Recovery Advantage and Ongoing Monitoring and Right-Sizing in our data sheet.


Microsoft SQL Workloads on AWS

How is RDS different than EC2? Why would you select one versus the other for Microsoft SQL workloads? If you’re using or considering SQL Server on the Amazon Cloud (AWS), you can bring your own SQL licenses for use on a default Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) tenant, provided that you have purchased software assurance. You cannot bring your own SQL licenses for use on Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS). So depending on your licensing requirements, you can choose RDS or EC2. The good news is that Syntax Managed Services can support you either way. Read our blog to learn more.

Modernizing Microsoft Workloads
Through Migration to AWS

Every organization has its own compelling reasons to shift from an on-premise data center to the cloud. Cost savings. Agility. High availability. Disaster recovery. Maybe you’re facing a hardware refresh or an upgrade and you want to modernize your entire platform.

Whatever your motivation, the idea of migrating your world, including SQL workloads, to Amazon Web Services (AWS) can seem a bit daunting. With hundreds of successful database migrations in some of the most complex ERP environments, we get asked a lot of questions. Let’s address a few here to help your organization move past some common roadblocks. Read our blog to learn more.

AWS Case Studies

Clients from industries as diverse as financial services, health care, manufacturing, oil and gas, consumer products and retail, have paired the convenience and cost-savings of Amazon Web Services with the reliability of ERP solutions by partnering with Syntax.

Matanuska Telephone Association

Discover how Matanuska Telephone Association, Inc. (MTA) upgraded and re-architected JD Edwards, Microsoft Windows, and SQL Server database while simultaneously moving to the public cloud. Learn about the benefits they’ve experienced including increased control over costs with the ability to scale the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure as the business grows.


With continued growth and an expanding international footprint, Trex realized that it was time to redefine the IT infrastructure needed to support future success. Facing a hardware refresh, the Trex IT team began exploring cloud solutions that would move them out of the data center business of managing their own hardware.

Learn how Syntax Enterprise Cloud® powered by AWS, together with Syntax EnterpriseCare® Monitoring for JD Edwards, gives Trex a dependable, high availability solution for its Microsoft Windows and SQL Server-Based JDE environment.

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