troubleshooting Oracle EBS FTP/SFTP

Oracle ERP Monitoring Moment: Boost Productivity by Troubleshooting Oracle EBS-FTP/SFTP Integration Issues

Integrations between ERP systems and external vendors using FTP/SFTP (Full Transfer Protocol and SSH File Transfer Protocol) are not only a common but also a critical component of most Oracle E-Business Suite solutions.

Oracle EBS users rely on these integrations to transfer critical data such as load plans for warehouses, fund transfers to banks, and/or payroll information for benefit providers.

Even a minor disruption to a FTP/SFTP integration can create a major problem. That is because any downtime in these services could result in a corrupted file being uploaded or download which will have a cascade effect on the backend that is almost certain to impact business operations.

Here we look at common pain points in an Oracle EBS-FTP/SFTP integration and a comprehensive solution for maintaining those integrations.

Three Potential Pain Points within an FTP/SFTP-Oracle E-Business Suite Integration

When it comes to maintaining FTP/SFTP integrations with Oracle E-Business Suite, typically there are 3 potential pain points which need attention.

1. Connectivity

Unfortunately, EBS doesn’t provide any out-of-the-box functionality which ensures connectivity before initiating a transfer. This means that more often than not, a user does not know there are connectivity issues until multiple failures cause other processes to stall.

2. User Logins

Failed logins are another cause of breakdowns between FTP/SFTP servers and Oracle E-Business Suite. Because most FTP/SFTP logins are executed password-less with the help of public keys through EBS programs, business users don’t typically know that there’s a login issue until they review the error messages associated with the failed program.

3. File Transfer

Once permissions are correct and a connection has been validated, it must be maintained. Any change in permission set value could corrupt the files being transferred.

Ensure Smooth Oracle EBS-FTP/SFTP Integration with Syntax EnterpriseCare®

Too often breakdowns in integrations between Oracle E-Business Suite and FTP/SFTP servers are simply problems that Oracle Apps DBAs, Unix Admins and Network administrators must manage, as opposed to issues which can be remedied with a definitive solution.

Syntax EnterpriseCare® changes that paradigm. Our proprietary ERP monitoring solution ensures the availability of integrations between Oracle EBS and FTP/SFTP servers.

Here is how Syntax EnterpriseCare® monitors the three potential pain points previously discussed:

  • Connectivity: It verifies that FTP/SFTP server is available and validates its Public IP address to ensure connectivity before any file transfer can begin.
  • Simulated User Login: It connects to the FTP/SFTP server simulating the Oracle EBS user credentials to ensure that the integration remains secure and suffers no disruption due to login issues.
  • File Transfer: It validates outbound connections by placing dummy files on the FTP/SFTP server to ensure permissions are correct.

Syntax EnterpriseCare® is fully integrated and automated with our ServiceNow incident management system. Should Syntax EnterpriseCare® detect a connectivity, login or file transfer issue, it will immediately create a ticket in ServiceNow and alert a support manager who will proactively resolve the issue. Most issues are resolved before end users even realize they’ve occurred.

Boost Productivity with Proactive Oracle ERP Monitoring

Syntax EnterpriseCare® is the ERP industry’s state-of-the art monitoring solution that boosts the productivity of Oracle EBS and JDE end users by giving them a tool to proactively detect and resolve issues before they disrupt business.

To learn more, visit our Syntax EnterpriseCare® webpage or contact us today to setup a 1-1 meeting with a specialist.