Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Next-generation Cloud Infrastructure

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, customers are looking to the cloud for strategic advantage while also being tasked to do more with less. Regardless of how far your organization is in its cloud journey, using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to host your Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution can provide the right mix of capability and cost savings to help you keep pace with business progress. As an Oracle Cloud Lift Partner and Oracle Cloud Service Provider (CSP), Syntax has the scale, experience, and tools to provide customers with both a risk-free, seamless migration and exceptional ongoing support of their most critical IT systems.

OCI delivers secure, scalable, and high-performance IaaS and PaaS solutions to run both cloud native and traditional IT workloads. With new subscription licensing models, customers can realize scalability like never before. And with the benefits of Oracle Support Rewards, some of the expense of moving to OCI can offset your technology support bill. Syntax’s OCI solution is unparalleled – purpose-built for ERP workloads using our industry-leading, multicloud customer experience portal and leveraging our 30+ years of ERP monitoring and automation know-how.

Why Migrate to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Improved ERP Agility and Scalability

Scale for seasonal spikes, reduce downtime during maintenance, improve performance dynamically, or add project environments cost effectively using Oracle technology subscription licensing. Syntax Intelligent Autonomous Platform (IAP) and monitoring services evaluates your resource utilization to ensure you are making best use of the resources deployed as well as providing automation to scale capacity within complex ERP environments.

Lift and Shift or Move and Improve

Customers on older versions of Oracle ERP systems can migrate as is or choose to upgrade to a current version of Oracle ERP on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure more easily than ever. In addition, Oracle Database Cloud Service provides transparent data encryption, tuning, and diagnostics packs at no additional cost. Whatever your path to OCI, Syntax tools and proven methodology based on hundreds of ERP platform migrations minimizes the impact to your business due to downtime associated with the migration to OCI.

Jump-Start Performance and Improve Availability

Migrating to a modern, high-performance compute and storage architecture will improve efficiency immediately. Syntax has proven deployment templates to meet your organization’s business requirements around high availability and disaster recovery that can be deployed at a fraction of the cost of a typical on-premises solution.

Get Back on Oracle Support

Customers that are no longer under Oracle Support now have a lifeline to modernization. Syntax can work with you to get your Oracle Support agreements reinstated in conjunction with your OCI migration and eliminate issues with OS, browser, and Java compatibility. The Oracle Support Rewards program makes this a cost-effective option.

Leverage Cloud Native Services

Moving to OCI with Syntax provides many enhancements for your ERP environment. Your OCI paid subscription comes with access to security scanning tools mapped to Center for Internet Security (CIS) best practices as well as vulnerability management tools identifying any CVEs (common vulnerabilities and exposures) which exist on your systems. To assist with remediating those vulnerabilities, OCI provides patch management tools for deploying Windows Security Updates, Service Packs, and other patches as well as package management for Oracle Enterprise Linux. Syntax further enhances these solutions by including Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) technologies, a 24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC) service, and additional tools which enhance native OCI patch management and provide lifecycle management for patch promotion.

Why Syntax Enterprise Cloud® for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Syntax has been working with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure since 2018 and is an Oracle Sell Partner, Oracle Service Partner, and Oracle Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP).  The Syntax Enterprise Cloud® is a fully integrated hybrid cloud solution that allows customers to get out of the data center business and move their workloads to the right cloud for the right use case, providing a seamless transition to our best-in-class 24×7 support organization.

  • Direct Integration for Legacy Workloads
  • CxHub Multi-Cloud Customer Portal
  • EnterpriseCare® Monitoring
  • CrowdStrike Endpoint Detection and Response
  • Qualys Vulnerability Scanning
  • Multi-Cloud Connectivity
  • Prebuilt Policy Templates
  • Automated Architecture Blueprints
  • Industry-Leading Failover Automation
  • Rapid Provisioning of New ERP Environments

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