Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Next-generation Cloud Infrastructure

The red lights and roadblocks that have prevented organizations from moving to the cloud are quickly disappearing. Forward-thinking companies are using the cloud to drive down costs, increase efficiencies and enable innovations.

Cloud is becoming an integral part of IT services for organizations of all types. Why? Because using the cloud allows enterprises to be more service oriented and achieve true digital transformation.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is an IaaS that delivers on-premises, high-performance computing power to run cloud native and enterprise company’s IT workloads. OCI provides real-time elasticity for enterprise applications by combining Oracle’s autonomous services, integrated security, and serverless compute.

Why Migrate to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Accelerate business transformation.

Improve resource utilization.

Add business value without infrastructure headaches.

Peace of mind
Lower risk with single-vendor accountability.

Gain agility for rapidly changing environments.

Benefits of OCI

Autonomous Services

OCI customers receive exclusive access to the new Autonomous Database and its self-repairing autonomous services. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence automates all routine database tasks, ensuring higher performance, security, and operational efficiency. Automated services mean less time on coding and more time focused on building enterprise applications.

Migrate On-Premises Oracle Applications to OCI

Migrating traditional on-premises workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is simple and cost-effective, due to its exclusive, built-in automation migration. These migrations include popular enterprise applications and database workloads, as well as custom and independent software vendor (ISV) applications. Oracle Cloud Computing [Infrastructure] makes it very easy for customers to migrate Oracle and non-Oracle workloads running on other vendors’ platforms to OCI.

Choice of Deployment

Deploy your cloud applications and databases anywhere you need them with a choice of public cloud and on-premises deployment options. Utilize Oracle’s public cloud, with all of its advanced services, including Autonomous Database, Autonomous Linux, Autonomous Data Guard as well as high-performance compute, storage, and high-speed networking. Enable Autonomous Database in your data center and behind your firewall with Exadata [email protected] or all Oracle public cloud services with Dedicated Region [email protected]

Top Five Reasons to Adopt OCI

1. Oracle Delivered Cloud

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers tools and architecture that help enterprises seamlessly move from on-premises to the cloud, leveraging improved automation and built-in security to mitigate threats, ultimately supporting superior migration and economics.

2. Supports Your Long-Term Plans

Specifically designed to provide the performance predictability, core-to-edge security, and governance required to support mission-critical, performance-intensive workloads. OCI supplies the compute, storage, database, networking, and platform services you need to deliver the robust business outcomes as you rethink your data center needs.

3. Optimize Performance

Oracle’s IaaS offering delivers a diverse range of capabilities unmatched in the industry—from its second-generation platform and suite of bare metal services to remote direct memory access (RDMA) for high-performance computing (HPC) clusters. This differentiation enables Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s guarantee on both predictable performance and customer isolation.

4. Defense In-Depth

Offers core- to-edge protection such as customer isolation, data security, internal-threat detection, and highly automated threat remediation. Oracle’s infrastructure isolates compute and network resources to ensure that your personal data and traffic are shielded from other users. It also separates your code, data, and resources from management machines— helping prevent attackers from stealing or manipulating data in the cloud.

5. Optimized for Oracle Workloads

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers several unique features and tools that support migrating and running Oracle’s databases and business applications portfolio efficiently. Minimal changes are required to move Oracle applications, reducing the cost and length of migration to the cloud.

Syntax Managed Cloud Services in OCI

With our deep understanding of enterprise cloud computing, we offer services to suit your cloud specific needs. Our strong governance, proven processes, and experience designing and architecting workloads in OCI  give you peace of mind, knowing that you have a partner with the people, security capabilities, and track record to manage your public cloud. And our service desk is available 24/7 to give you reliable Syntax support that goes beyond standard Oracle support services.