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Pros and Cons of Hybrid Cloud for Oracle E-Business Suite Oracle E-Business Suite users can gain greater elasticity, scalability and cost savings with a Hybrid Cloud. But a decision to move to a Hybrid Cloud brings questions such as:

- In what part of a Hybrid Cloud should critical applications and key data reside?
- How much will adopting a Hybrid Cloud cut IT infrastructure and application development costs?
- How quickly can you roll out a Hybrid Cloud solution?
- Hybrid Clouds bring unique security and integration challenges, what strategies can you use to overcome them?

Next week’s webcast, "The Pros and Cons of Hybrid Cloud for Oracle EBS" will answer these questions and many others.

We’ll also highlight the latest Cloud computing trends as they relate to Oracle EBS, while debunking several myths about the Hybrid Cloud. Finally, we’ll provide a detailed overview of best practices for Hybrid Cloud deployment and automation.

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Jul 23, 20192:00pm EDT1 hour
JD Edwards Continuous Innovation – Part 2 The Continuous Innovation Delivery Model is a paradigm under which Oracle will deliver new functionality for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne in short cycles which are faster and more frequent to reduce the cost, time, and risk of delivering changes by allowing for incremental updates as opposed to as updates to the existing release. Customers will no longer be required to perform a full release upgrade to access new features and functions and can apply fixes and updates in the current release.

Session two of Continuous Innovation will introduce the change management perspective from the Development side. Identifying objects for customization, retrofitting objects, decustomization and resourcing will be discussed. Additionally, other 3rd party options to accelerate your adoption of continuous innovation will be presented. Special focus will review the Enterprise Interoperability model, the EnterpriseOne Orchestrator and ‘Integration Platforms As A Service’ (iPaaS) as a means to better adopt continuous innovation.
Aug 6, 20192:00pm EDT1 hour
Orchestrator 101 – Orchestrator Overview You’ve heard all the buzz about the Orchestrator, and each new Tools Release contains new features and capabilities. But how exactly does the Orchestrator work? And how do you determine a good business case for using the Orchestrator? Once you have one, how do you install and prepare to use it?

Join David Ruprecht, Software Engineer, as we give you the basics around Orchestrator. This overview session will give you a better understanding of how Orchestrator works, what’s required to install/configure it, and some ideas on how to leverage its capabilities. Webinar attendees will leave with a better foundational understanding, to prepare them for future in-depth training and research.
Aug 28, 20192:00pm EDT1 hour


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