Managed Endpoint Detection and Response Protection

Stop advanced attacks at your endpoints using artificial intelligence and machine learning security tools.


Safeguard Against Advanced Attacks

A zero-day exploit is a cyber-attack that occurs on the same day a weakness is discovered in software or firmware. It does not have any known anti-virus signatures, making it challenging to detect. Syntax can help you detect zero-day threats and block attempts before hackers gain access to your systems and steal valuable data.


Avoid Cybersecurity Fatigue and Overcome the Security Talent Shortage

With the rate of exploits and malware tools continuing to rise, do you have the ability to respond to the associated increase in security tickets? Are the notifications you receive actionable or false positives? Is your IT security team inundated with tickets and fatigued? Don’t let the high cost of valuable and trained security professionals hold you back. Syntax’s Security Operations Center (SOC) provides you the security coverage you need so your team works smarter, not harder on preventing security breaches.


Enterprise Protection with Next Generation Tools and Syntax’s SOC

Hackers can come through your virtual private network (VPN) and don’t stop at the endpoint. Syntax can help you secure all your endpoints whether in the data center, in the cloud, or at the user’s home. We combine this endpoint security strategy with cutting-edge tools and a 24×7 SOC that continuously monitors and responds to security events. If you have on-premise or employee equipment, we can provide security for their whole business in a single pane of glass.

What is Syntax’s Managed Endpoint Detection and Response Solution?

Syntax’s Endpoint Detection and Response Solution records and stores endpoint system- level behaviors and uses various data analytics techniques to detect suspicious system behavior, provide contextual information, block malicious activity, and provide remediation suggestions to restore affected systems

Key Benefits


Protect Your Company.

EDR Solutions provide advanced algorithms for detection and containment of ransomware by the bad actors’ behavior and ransomware resistant utilizing next generation security technologies.


Detect a Potential Breach Earlier.

On average, it takes companies almost 200 days to identify and more than two months to contain a breach. The sooner you can detect a breach, the less time the hackers have to dwell in your environment and steal more data.


One Managed Endpoint Solution.

Bring endpoint protection to the next level by combining malware sandbox analysis, malware search, and threat intelligence in a single solution from Syntax.


Threat Intelligence.

Threat intelligence prevention blocks activities known to be malicious.


Identify Malware.

Through advanced detective technologies, you can detect known and unknown malware. Behavior-based indicators of attack (IOAs) prevent sophisticated fileless and malware-free attacks.


Respond to Alarms.

Ensure you can respond to security alarms in a timely fashion. Syntax empowers you to have good data so you can respond to the right alarms.


Block Unpatched Vulnerabilities.

Exploit blocking stops the execution and spread of threats via unpatched vulnerabilities.

Quickly Recognize Value at Neutral Cost

  • Rapid ramp up time (5 days)

  • Deployed from start to finish in minutes/hours without a system reboot on most OS platforms

  • Immediate security operations center (SOC) coverage for indication of compromises (IOCs) with custom analysis and detailed remediation plans

  • Immediate coverage for billions of threats

  • Replace your existing legacy anti-virus (AV) products

  • Immediate control of your environment and the ability to respond to alarms

  • Replace your existing network security tools and content filtering tools

Rely on Experience with a Partner Who’s Been Through Cyberwarfare

Ransomware response is a developed skill set that gets cultivated through years of experience. If you have never recovered from a large-scale Ransomware attack, you lack the experience to make informed decisions.

Syntax Ransomware Response Services

When your company falls victim to ransomware, you can’t do business. It’s important to work with a company who’s been there and done that. A company who can guide you through the response and prevent future attacks.

How to Best Respond to a Ransomware Attack

Cybercriminals use ransomware to attack and extort companies using top ransomware strains such as STOP (DJVU), Dharma, Phobos, Globelmposter, REvil, GandCrab, Magniber, and Scarab. When your company is hit by a ransomware attack, the hackers can lock your files and apps. You feel helpless. There are tons of questions. How do we respond? Should we pay the ransom via bitcoin? What are the risks? How can we recover our data that they took? Do we need a forensics expert? In addition to the questions, there are a lot of potential pitfalls that happen after a ransomware attack. It’s important to ask the right questions and solve the right security problems so you can quickly do business again, establish trust with your key stakeholders, and make sure a ransomware attack doesn’t happen again.

What is Syntax Ransomware Response Services?

Syntax has experience with ransomware attacks. When you contact us, we can provide you with our recommended actions immediately. Our first responder team can provide ransomware remediation and establish an incident response process. We have a partnership with CrowdStrike to conduct forensic analysis through their state-of-the-art tools. Our full-service ransomware response services cover the technologies, people, and processes needed to correctly and quickly respond to a ransomware attack. We have led numerous businesses through their ransomware events and produced a successful outcome.

Partnership with CrowdStrike to
Determine Risks and Exposure

We have a long-standing partnership with CrowdStrike, a company that combines the most advanced endpoint protection with expert intelligence to pinpoint the adversaries perpetrating the attacks. Syntax can set up and deploy the CrowdStrike Falcon™ and Ransomware solution so you know your cybersecurity risks and exposure. We’ll conduct forensic analysis, resolve immediate issues, and implement a long-term solution to stop future attacks.

Key Benefits and Deliverables of Syntax Ransomware Response Services

  • Our team of experts can investigate and respond immediately
  • Determine what has occurred and what to do next
  • Contain the incident so additional systems don’t get infected
  • Set up and deploy CrowdStrike tools to determine the current risks and exposure
  • Leverage CrowdStrike incident team to remediate the ransomware and gain control of the environment
  • Provide recommendations on the ransom
  • Assist in acquiring and validating keys for decryption
  • Develop and implement a plan for recovery of your systems
  • Monitor your systems for reinfection or potential future attacks
  • 24/7 SOC coverage to answer questions and provide security services
  • Reverse engineer attacker-provided decryption utilities to ensure no malicious code exists
  • Investigate to identify the attack vector and malicious activity on your network

Syntax Security Operations Center

We partner with CrowdStrike incident response team and then transition the event over to Syntax’s 24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC) that monitors your environment to prevent a future and more sophisticated ransomware attack. Our SOC helps you overcome the growing shortage and high cost of security talent so you can successfully secure your environment to prevent future security breaches.

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