Digital Workplace Security

A modern digital workplace gives companies and their employees much more flexibility and scope for hassle-free collaboration. But the additional opportunities also come with new risks to IT security, data protection, compliance and security in general.

Why digital workplace security is so important

In traditional IT infrastructures, the protection of data and information usually focused just on the storage locations within the company’s own corporate network. In this era of mobile work, however, information needs to be available to a range of devices around the clock via cloud platforms such as Microsoft 365. To ensure compliance, IT security and data protection in such a dynamic environment, companies must put in place an integrated concept for Digital Workplace Security. This must be designed to protect the existing IT infrastructure across all platforms against attacks from cyber criminals and should also provide comprehensive protection for the whole system through information security and user identity in the cloud.

Digital Workplace Security services from Syntax

Syntax supports medium-sized companies in establishing an all-encompassing architecture for Digital Workplace Security. From consulting and planning an individual roadmap to implementation and ongoing operations through managed services, our security solutions ensure companies stay in control. The key aspects of these solutions and services include:

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Identity and access management

A user’s cloud identity is the central point of attack for cyber criminals. We deliver functions such as multi-factor authentication and conditional access to ensure that only authorised personnel have access to corporate resources, applications and confidential information.

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Single Sign-on

In the world of distributed identities in the cloud, with many apps and SaaS products, we use technologies such as SAML to make sure that users only need to maintain one central identity for authentication. This gives them access to all of the systems such as SAP ERP or other third-party apps and platforms. As a result, you can manage access controls centrally, and accounts belonging to former employees need only be disabled in a single system.

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Email and document security

Solutions such as Azure Information Protection, Microsoft Defender for Office 365 and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) let us classify our customers’ data and files. The classification is used to identify mission critical information and protects it against unauthorised access and transmission.

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Threat protection

Our experts understand the strategies used by cyber criminals to launch attacks and the established security solutions that protect your IT infrastructure against threats. Our customers therefore keep control of their information security, both in the cloud and on user devices.

Benefits of Syntax Digital Workplace Security services

A single source for security services

As a specialist in the cloud, we understand the security challenges of a digital workplace. This means that our solutions offer comprehensive protection for identity, end points, email, information and documents.

Integrated security

We integrate our workplace security solution with an end-to-end service for the entire infrastructure. Using common solutions such as Microsoft 365 Defender we also protect the connected back-end systems like Active Directory.

FAQ: Digital Workplace Security

What is the most important aspect of Digital Workplace Security?

In a modern cloud landscape, user identities are the principal vector for delivery of access to data, information and apps. Once attackers have successfully accessed the identity of an authorised user by illegitimate means, they can wreak havoc in all of the affected systems. Identity protection must therefore be given utmost priority in the scope of and identity and access management process, This is the most important part of a roadmap for Digital Workplace Security.

What areas of the digital workplace require special protection?

Phishing, the use of fraudulent emails to illegally obtain access credentials, remains the most common technique for successful cyber attacks. For this reason, particular attention is placed on protecting the email infrastructure and users against threats with increased email security (such as Microsoft Defender for Office 365) that extends beyond the scope of a simple spam filter. In addition, topics such as data protection and information security are increasingly important in a mobile workplace, irrespective of where the information is stored. The distribution of information can quickly become a potential trap if protection is not sufficient, which means that companies must focus strongly on information protection.

What is a Security Operations Centre?

A Security Operations Centre (SOC) is a central body within the business that has the task of continually monitoring and improving the company’s security situation. It must identify and analyse cyber security risks and take appropriate countermeasures to prevent them from occurring. Companies that do not have the desire or means to establish their own SOC should work with a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), which can fulfil this role as a full-featured service.