Industrial Internet
of Things (IIoT)

Deploy your business in the cloud with powerful analytics and Industry 4.0 standards.

Digitizing Your Manufacturing

Improve visibility of your manufacturing operations while enhancing the efficiency of your front-line workers.

Whether you use SAP Digital Manufacturing or a third-party solution, you don’t have to implement your digital project by yourself. Leverage Syntax’s long heritage in manufacturing to deploy your business in the cloud with powerful analytics and Industry 4.0 standards.

With Syntax’s cloud portal for your customers, you add a new revenue stream and digital services. The portal provides predictive maintenance information, easy customization for specific usage by customers, and a single place to visualize all relevant back-end data.

Industrial IoT with Advanced Analytics

Combining Syntax’s public cloud capabilities and decades of experience in Industrial IoT, we simplify your IT and identify use cases with tangible business value. Syntax provides guidance to enable you to offer new digital services to your customers, create a digital twin, and gain real-time access to your maintenance and performance data.

Syntax IIoT Cloud Portal

Syntax’s cloud portal provides a single point of entry to help you better serve your customers while increasing revenue. Regardless of whether you’re using SAP or another solution, Syntax can help your organization digest millions of data points to improve your industrial IoT device output. Also, in places where you don’t use SAP licenses, you can build an equivalent SAP IIoT solution using Amazon Web Services (AWS) tools.

Values and Benefits of the Syntax Industrial IoT Portal

  • Establish a concrete IoT use case for Industrial Equipment
  • Enable new business models and additional value streams like pay per use
  • Get transparency of installed based and equipment usage
  • Increase after sales revenue (spare parts)
  • Improve customer satisfaction through close collaboration with end-customer
  • Send announcements (i.e. recalls) and alerts to customers
  • 24×7 Remote Monitoring to support increased equipment uptime and productivity
  • Reduce service visits and lower service costs
  • Predict the risk of downtime (“Predictive Maintenance”) and the Process Quality (“Predictive Quality”)

Ready to Get Started?

The collection of processes and operational data is only the first step for exploiting all the advantages of networked production based on IIoT. Discuss your IIoT project with an experienced partner who knows the technology and the industry-specific requirements so you can modernize your production through Industry 4.0.

We can help you improve your visibility into manufacturing processes while enhancing the efficiency of your front-line workers. Click below to organize an IIoT proof of concept.

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