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Welcome to Syntelligence, your online learning center from Syntax. Syntelligence provides you the JD Edwards magnifying glass you need to maximize your user experience. Our team of Oracle certified experts is dedicated to testing the latest releases of JDE E1 9.2, including UX One, feature packs, and tools releases, to bring you bi-weekly highlights and actionable tips.

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Syntelligence Courses

May 10, 2019
Tools Release Highlights

Course Number: 4.6

March 14, 2019
IRS Lock In Letter Enhancement

Course Number: 4.3

February 14, 2019
Item Balance Purge

Course Number: 4.1

January 31, 2019
9.2.3 Technical Announcements

Course Number: 4.0

January 17, 2019
9.2.3 Announcements

Course Number: 3.9

November 27, 2018
Refresh Inventory Commitments

Course Number: 3.6

November 8, 2018
JD Edwards E1 Tools Release 9.2.3 64-bit Enablement

Course Number: 3.5

May 14, 2018
Staying Current

Course Number: 2.4