Tips for Implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning System

Choosing and committing to an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for your business is a huge step that requires considerable thought and strategy.

It provides a framework for many departments and is pivotal to the management of your business. That is why it is so important to have a great implementation partner, such as a certified Oracle Platinum Partner, to guide and educate your team to get the most out of your JD Edwards Enterprise Resource Planning software solution.

It is very important to have a strong implementation team in place and to have an experienced project manager to provide leadership throughout the transition process. A new Enterprise Resource Planning system can be a large investment of time, money, and resources so enlisting professionals to get things running smoothly and answer any questions is a must. Having a JD Edwards ERP implementation partner with industry-specific experience is always preferred, so check for a history of successful implementations.

You’ll want to build an internal team that includes the people who helped select the Enterprise Resource Planning for your business, as well as your company’s senior management and thought leaders who will shape its future. Outlining clear goals and establishing a timeline for implementation should be one of your first steps. Defining each team members’ role in the implementation process at the beginning of the project will help everyone know their focus and the tasks they are responsible for completing.

Before implementing a new system it is always good to measure current business performance to locate the biggest areas for improvement. Define a target goal you can measure so the Enterprise Resource Planning improvements can easily be seen, strengthened, and adopted by you and your employees. Seeing the daily value of the JD Edwards Enterprise Resource Planning and how it can help the workflow of their jobs can get employees excited about learning and utilizing new tools and features.

Implementing a new JD Edwards ERP system can have an impact on the way your employees do their jobs and manage their time. Develop and share your management and implementation plans with those expected to use the new system. Provide training programs that fit with the culture of your business. Provide opportunities for employees to express concerns and ask questions about the new software, before it becomes a problem that could affect their work or comfort level with the system.

Be sure to keep open lines of communication with employees so they don’t feel lost or frustrated during the transition period. If employees have been using the same system for most of their career, adapting and accepting a new system can seem overwhelming or confusing without the proper instruction and continued guidance. Let them know who to speak to on your implementation team if they need help or have any recommendations for success in their department.

Seeing businesses achieve their goals using the JD Edwards Enterprise Resource Planning is a rewarding experience. The right implementation partner should have a good grasp of your short term and long term objectives, your user base, and should always put your business’ best interests first.

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