migrating oracle e-business suite to the cloud

Top 3 Reasons Companies Should Migrate Oracle E-Business Suite to the Cloud

The COVID pandemic has made the push towards digital transformation even more critical and brought to light reasons why cloud migration is an imperative next step for businesses. Oracle E-Business Suite cloud services are picking up steam as more companies make the switch from on-premises systems to keep up with the demand for more resilient business models.

The benefits of moving to an Oracle EBS cloud solution have grown as the effects of migrating to the cloud trickle down to customers. Changes are happening fast and time is running out if businesses expect to stay on track with their competitors who have likely already made the switch. There are many things that businesses need to consider as they look at E-Business Suite cloud solutions.

Fortunately, Oracle EBS cloud migration challenges are outweighed by the benefits that come along with E-Business Suite cloud computing. Managing hardware and software will be a thing of the past as the focus turns to business strategy and execution. The digital world of tomorrow is here, and the time has never been more appropriate to optimize production and accelerate business innovation.

Cloud Computing Resilience

Oracle E-Business Suite cloud computing brings digital resilience to companies by making it easier to manage and adapt to the ever-changing technology environment.

As cloud computing quickly becomes a more acceptable platform for all kinds of applications and technologies, it is important that an Oracle EBS cloud migration is part of your business plan.

The number one reason companies should migrate their Oracle E-Business Suite system to the cloud is the improved customer experience derived from the increased efficiency and effectiveness of Oracle EBS cloud-hosted solutions.

When planning an EBS cloud migration you must consider what your company’s specific needs are and what issues should be addressed before the migration process even begins. There are many options available as far as cloud architecture and the migration process is concerned, so having the right support is often the key to a seamless transition.

Architecture Advantages

How is cloud computing different from traditional Oracle E-Business Suite operations? As Oracle makes note, “Traditionally, E-Business Suite (EBS) has been deployed on commodity hardware that was sized based on initial deployment requirements, with additional hardware being added or upgraded as the scalability and performance needs grew over time.

This patchwork architecture is unable to take advantage of the current trends in cloud computing, such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS), which can provide advantages to organizations in areas such as reducing total cost of ownership (TCO), becoming more agile and competitive, and enabling E-Business Suite in the areas of integration, customization, scalability and availability.”

The reduced need and execution time required for hardware and software upgrade planning will cut costs and make customer spending more predictable. Migrating to a cloud infrastructure will allow businesses to make new services available to their customers more quickly increasing brand awareness and accessibility, making businesses who embrace emerging Oracle EBS cloud technologies industry leaders that customers trust.

Improved Security

A main concern when it comes to migrating your Oracle E-Business Suite solution to the cloud is security, especially because cloud hosting makes remote access more accessible. This can cause a perception of vulnerability; however, with cloud hosting, Oracle EBS is actually more secure.

The main challenge when it comes to security and the cloud is the digital hygiene of data managed by the customer. That being said, when properly implemented, cloud hosted infrastructure is highly secure, and you can be sure your business assets and information will remain safe while still being easily accessible to employees and customers no matter their location.

As the security analysts at Syntax point out, “With the rapidly increasing rate of zero-day exploits and the commercialization of malware toolkits, it’s no longer a question of if you will be hacked, but when and how often. This is why it is critical to have a multi-layer security posture and strategy. Syntax has developed a comprehensive set of Security Solutions and Services used to protect your systems whether hosted on-premises, with a service provider like Syntax, or in the cloud.”

Benefits of Migrating

EBS cloud migration is not without its challenges, so it is essential to have a solid migration plan. The biggest challenge will be integrating legacy systems with new cloud-based applications.

The benefits of migrating to EBS cloud services has grown as more companies turn to cloud infrastructure and data storage. As capabilities and functionality rapidly advance with businesses shifting to internet-based technologies, the benefits of migrating Oracle E-Business Suite to the cloud will continue to grow.

Previously, the shift to the cloud was considered a trend that would occur farther ahead in the future, but according to the 2020 Gartner Cloud End-User Buying Behavior Survey, a majority of respondents indicated that switching to a cloud hosted infrastructure was a main focus for the following year.

Gartner predicts that 40% of workloads will move to the cloud by 2023, double that of 2020. Accommodating the trend toward cloud infrastructure is very important if businesses intend to remain relevant and keep up with the growth and expansion of cloud hosting technologies and growing expectations for digital innovation.


Business leaders are seeing their competitors get ahead by using EBS cloud solutions to streamline business activities. If your business has not yet migrated to an Oracle E-Business Suite cloud solution, shifting to the cloud will be critical to remain competitive in the digital age.

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