Top Cloud Computing Articles of 2012

The top cloud computing articles for 2010 from industry leading technology blogs Mashable and Zdnet.

Top 5 Misconceptions About the Cloud

Cloud computing is hard for people to define and, therefore, completely trust. As seen in the past with the introduction of other revolutionary technology, it takes time for people to accept, and eventually, adopt. Even today, IT professionals agree that cloud computing is here to stay and will continue to grow and improve in the years ahead.

1. Cloud Computing Is a Fad

Most people already use cloud computing without even realizing it. Many top websites store your information and have you Log In when you return. Whether it is online banking, shopping, scheduling travel, communicating, or listening to music, basic cloud computing is already widely used and accepted.

2. Cloud Computing Is Only Trustworthy for Consumers

Many notable businesses have put their trust in cloud computing and use applications to track and store huge amounts of data. Compared to consumers, small and midsized businesses are slower to devote resources to exploring new technology and slower to to trust cloud based data storage.

3. The Cloud Is More Risky Than Traditional Infrastructure

Storing data in one place while still being easily accessible from multiple devices or systems cuts down on the amount of unsecure data transfers, making access easier to monitor. Every system comes with its own risks, but the cloud doesn’t have more short falls than traditional software. Outages do occur, especially in severe weather, and your data can’t be reached, but the cloud is typically more reliable than other hosting options. It is recommended that businesses have a data backup in place that can be used if an outage occurs.

4. Cloud Computing Is More Expensive

The move to cloud computing can result in higher upfront costs, but in the long run it has been shown to save businesses money. It reduces in-house IT costs by outsourcing management to the cloud provider.

5. You Can’t Beef Up Security on the Cloud

As is true with any infrastructure, security should be assessed and strengthened when possible. Using multiple layers of security is commonplace, and will help protect your data in the cloud. Security in the cloud is a top priority for many businesses, and a solid cloud provider can virtually guarantee data security.

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10 ways cloud computing will change in 2013

Top Cloud Computing articles of 2012

This article offers a forecast about cloud computing in the coming year. Here are some highlights:

Business will get real about cloud costs

If managed correctly, cloud computing can help increase the ROI of businesses. It just takes a combination of planning, monitoring use, and identifying the level of services needed from the platform.

Attitudes will change

Businesses will realize the importance of strong applications that can be used longer, rather than having to continually upgrade hardware.

Cloud takes off for back-up efforts

Companies are discovering the benefit of backing up data to the cloud. Important data is more easily recovered in an outage or after a disaster.

Increased Competition

Amazon and Google services will see more competition from each other and smaller private developers.

Businesses will accept that not everything belongs in the cloud

IT professionals will take the time to evaluate service options and learn what works best stored virtually in the cloud and what should be stored on local servers.

Cloud and mobile will become one

Studies predict that the connection between mobile and cloud applications will continue to strengthen, allowing updates across multiple devices at once.

Developers will realize the cloud is not so different

Developers will see that the majority of methods, frameworks and languages used in cloud computing development aren’t that different from standard software and apps. Well-trained developers should be able to help manage the cloud and make improvements within their own companies.

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