Turbo-Charging Performance with a JD Edwards Upgrade

You invested in a JD Edwards Upgrade, but are you still leveraging that investment?

Are you continuing to benefit from improved performance and ROI? In today’s highly volatile economic conditions, CIOs and CFOs are chiefly concerned about the return on their hardware and software assets. A JD Edwards software upgrade presents a highly a scalable and cost-effective alternative to a rip-and-replace ERP implementation.

Upgrades have the ability to turbo-charge and fine tune performance by giving you access to improved functionality and powerful Web-based tools that streamline business processes. And, according to a March report from Oracle Application User Group  “the vast majority of ERP upgrade efforts tend to be short in duration, fall within reasonable budgets, and rarely disrupt the business at large”.

So what’s standing in the way of you and your upgrade?

There are several challenges that can make the upgrade process a daunting task. More often than not, internal IT staff does not possess the necessary expertise to handle an effective ERP upgrade on their own.. There may be constraints in terms of time, skills and resources needed to properly migrate code, integrate huge volumes of data into the new system, and extensively test all functionalities until staff and customers are completely confident about its performance and output.

So how do you upgrade quickly and efficiently so it increases your momentum, while building shareholder value? And, how can you be sure that your staff is educated and up-to speed on JD Edwards full capabilities?

Partner with an Upgrade Expert

To get the most out of your JD Edwards upgrade, you need the help of an experienced team of specialists who can provide critical guidance, training and an upgrade methodology specially tailored to your organization’s unique requirements. Syntax can help you get the most out of your JD Edwards investment by identifying key opportunities to automate processes and tap into all of the functionality that makes it the premier enterprise management tool.

The proven SyntaxExpressTM Upgrade Methodology is a complete end-to-end solution, tailored to ensure that each customer rapidly achieves improved business performance with lower risk while also staying on time and on budget.

With expert assistance by your side, you can better manage the impact of your upgrade and exercise more control over the time frame for completion.

Educating and Training Staff: Knowledge is Power

Training your staff to ensure optimal utilization of the new system is the key to both upgrade and organizational success. Syntax was one of the first partners in North America to achieve Oracle Specialization for  JD Edwards and has been providing JD Edwards customers with the education and training they need to drastically minimize disruptions and gain the greatest value from their JD Edwards investment.

Oracle University JD Edwards Training can also be provided so that your upgrade project team members can obtain their Oracle Certificate. Syntax offers classes which can be held right at your organization or at our training center. Having Oracle certified employees on-premise allows you to get the most out of your JD Edwards software, while reducing errors, improving productivity and boosting employee morale.

Make the Grade with Your JD Edwards Upgrade

Working with the right partner gives you the tools, knowledge and confidence to efficiently transition into the new upgrade. Our team knows how to take your organization through the necessary steps for a smooth roll out; so that Going Live becomes a non-event.

What that means for you…

  • Reduced time to upgrade
  •  Enhanced Knowledge transfer
  •  Managed scope
  •  Minimized risks
  • Customized resource plans
  •  Realistic expectations

Unleash the power of new functionality and shift your business performance into fifth gear, today! Learn more about the Syntax JD Edwards upgrade process and how you can get the most out of your software investment.

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