Upgrade E-Business Suite 12.1.3 to 12.2 on the Cloud

Upgrade E-Business Suite 12.1.3 to 12.2 on the Cloud – It’s Easier Than You Think!

As the backbone of your business functionality, the smooth operation of Oracle E-Business Suite is crucial to the efficiency and effectiveness of your mission-critical applications. By upgrading to the latest release of E-Business Suite, you will ensure your business remains supported, secure, and equipped with the latest capabilities. Moving to the 12.2 Continuous Innovation Release model along with a move to Cloud gives customers a more flexible, highly available, and supportable platform to see them through a ten-year E-Business Suite support lifecycle.

Don’t be intimidated by the upgrade process – it’s easier than you think! Oracle and Syntax provide tools to understand your customizations, identify any functional changes that may be required, and define the specific upgrade steps for your particular implementation.

Partnering with Syntax as your E-Business Suite upgrade and Cloud managed services provider will minimize your E-Business Suite TCO with a 24 x 7 support solution featuring the flexibility, scalability, and security offered by a company with a 40-year track record in Oracle ERP. Syntax’s cloud-agnostic approach to Oracle E-Business Suite ensures we align with your organization’s cloud strategy.  And our team can help you navigate cloud options and understand the pros and cons of each.

Maximize your Oracle E-Business Suite investment

Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.3 will be in Sustaining Support as of December 2021. This means Oracle will no longer deliver things like statutory updates, bug fixes, and new product certifications. While some of these options are available with an expensive “Market-Driven Support” model through Oracle ACS, there are more efficient ways for customers to invest their dollars.  To get the most out of your E-Business Suite investment, upgrade to the latest version Release 12.2.10 on Database 19c. Moving to 12.2 will provide significant benefits including functional benefits for power users, improved integration capabilities, and reduced downtime for patching and maintenance.

However, there are certain things every organization must ask:

  • Are your CEMLIs ready for the upgrade? Both E-Business Suite 12.2 and Database 19c require changes to existing custom code, as well as changes to the E-Business Suite development process.  Syntax’s CEMLI scanner solution helps customers identify, catalog, and develop remediation plans for their CEMLIs.
  • Is your infrastructure prepared for the changes?  If the hardware your E-Business Suite runs on is outdated, or if your operating system is out of support, it might be time to bundle your upgrade with a migration to Cloud.  Syntax’s cloud-agnostic approach will help you align overall IT strategy with the right solution for E-Business Suite on your preferred hyperscaler, in the Syntax private cloud, or a hybrid of the two.
  • Is your business aware of the functional advancements in 12.2? Important functionality like Mobile Applications and Enterprise Command Centers can give your business users additional capabilities that can accelerate the effectiveness of your E-Business Suite solution. Let our team demonstrate some of the impressive new features your users can benefit from with no additional license costs.
  • Is your technical staff prepared for new management and maintenance procedures?  New functionality in 12.2, including Edition Based Redefinition (EBR) and online patching, requires updating procedures and setting new expectations for reduced downtime with the business. Our E-Business Suite automation tools for patching, cloning, and backup support all E-Business Suite releases, including the latest 12.2.10.

Ready to upgrade to Release 12.2?  Syntax can help.

Syntax has 40+ years of Oracle ERP experience and over 25 years providing cloud and managed services for Oracle E-Business Suite applications. We provide automation-driven, best-of-breed private and public cloud offerings on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), as well as our own purpose-built enterprise data centers.

Understand what an upgrade to E-Business Suite 12.2 will mean for you:

  • Asses the complexity, duration, and level of testing required for an upgrade with our free Upgrade Readiness Assessment
  • Understand the level of effort required to update your CEMLIs with our free CEMLI Analysis Assessment
  • Justify the cost of an upgrade by identifying new features that can benefit your business
  • Capture the benefits of a “move-and-improve” strategy by coupling your upgrade with a migration to a flexible, cost-effective cloud platform or migrating to more modern hardware in your own data center
  • Manage and smooth your costs by bundling upgrade fees with a longer-term management contract

Not ready to upgrade? Syntax can help to improve the resilience and effectiveness of your current release of E-Business Suite.

Keeping Oracle E-Business Suite running at peak operating efficiency is a challenge for even the best IT departments. Syntax provides end-to-end E-Business Suite technical and functional support services wherever those systems may be running. Our solutions are prescriptive and help drive best practices, automation, and tooling to ensure your systems are running at peak performance and in a secure fashion, all driven by industry leading availability and response time SLAs.

Our subject matter experts can help you:

  • Understand the Market-Driven Support offering from Oracle ACS
  • Learn about 3rd party options for reducing your E-Business Suite support spend
  • Assess your security posture in light of available security patches

Contact the experts at Syntax

You don’t have to assess the value or feasibility of an E-Business Suite upgrade or a migration to Cloud on your own. Contact us today to discover how Syntax can help you navigate your upgrade and Cloud journey.