Don’t Get Caught in the Cyber Threat Undertow

Like ocean waves relentlessly in motion, cyber threats keep coming. Some do damage with their continuous rhythm of attack, while others crash fast and hard with tsunami strength. But the ever-changing pattern makes it difficult to detect what’s under the surface, driving the destruction.

In today’s cybersecurity landscape, threat actors are becoming more targeted, more sophisticated, and more costly. As zero-day vulnerabilities are exploited and ransomware attacks escalate, organizations are finding that it takes an average of 197 days to identify the threat and another 69 days to contain it, leaving the business data at risk throughout the process.

Why Cloud Migration Stems the Tide of Threat

Most software providers release a steady stream of patches to keep their products operating most efficiently. However, many organizations schedule ERP maintenance quarterly and by the time they have received, assessed, and validated patches, their implementation can run 2-3 quarters behind. Can you see the risk?

One of the many benefits of moving to the cloud is the inheritance of all the built-in features of the platform. For example, the data processing unit (DPU) of the public cloud offloads networking and communication workloads from the CPU, including data transfer, data reduction, data security, and analytics. Using these cloud automations reduces your manual workload and accelerates maintenance activities like patches.

If you’ve chosen a hybrid public-private platform, your security considerations can be more complex. Threats can emerge across multiple SAP modules, making it critical to cross-correlate between SAP systems, associated apps, and IT infrastructure.

Is a SIEM Right for You?

A security information and event management (SIEM) tool provides 24/7 protection and continuous threat monitoring of your ERP systems. Only Syntax offers the Azure Sentinel solution. This scalable, cloud-native SIEM provides intelligent security analytics and threat intelligence across your company. It’s an all-in-one tool for alert detection, threat visibility, proactive, hunting, and threat response, incorporating log analytics and logic apps. In hybrid environments, Azure Sentinel improves the overall security posture of your IT infrastructure.

With Azure Sentinel, your entire SAP ecosystem benefits from transactional data insights, correlation across data sources, flexible deployments, and SAP-specific threat detection.

Going Beyond Security Automation

Security automation is the process of executing security operations-related tasks without the need for human intervention. From prevention and detection to remediation and vulnerability assessments, automations free the security team to focus more strategically on deep analysis and implementing proactive security measures.

Cloud orchestration is the process of automating the tasks needed to manage connections and operations of workloads on private and public clouds. This technology integrates automated tasks and processes into a workflow to perform specific business functions. While automation generally refers to a single process or small number of related tasks, orchestration involves managing multiple automated tasks to create a dynamic workflow.

Backed by 45+ years in technology working with 700+ clients globally, Syntax has the expertise to help you move from automation into orchestration. Your systems will have the broadest security coverage available. Learn more about our Security Operations Center (SOC Services).

About Our Expert

Matthew Rogers | CISO, Syntax

With a demonstrated passion for simplifying complex problems with simple technologies, Rogers has acted as a trusted advisor to CEOs, CIOs and CSOs on cybersecurity during times of crises and prosperity. He has been directly involved with, advised, orchestrated, and or provided boots-on-the-ground strategic response and oversight services for numerous multibillion dollar companies during cyberattacks. He has also designed, implemented, and staffed cybersecurity programs and strategies for the nuclear industry, top-tier HIPAA hosting, and SAP hosting companies. Numerous billion-dollar companies have purchased his consulting services to help them assess and adjust their strategy to help defend against current technical threats such as ransomware. He is also a popular speaker on all cybersecurity topics, including Zero Trust.

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