JD Edwards Pro Tip: How to add additional fields to Invoice Print in EnterpriseOne

Often times a JDE customer facing document can lack the fields a customer truly wants or needs.

What are our options when this happens?

  • We can try to get by with what is available.
  • We can modify the UBE output so it has the necessary fields, documenting this modification and retrofitting when applying ESUs or upgrades, etc.
These are the two most common solutions. What about a third option?
  • Submit an enhancement request with Oracle to add fields.
Option 3 is the most beneficial because if you need it, chances are someone else does as well. And trust us, Oracle is listening!

A few years ago in 9.2, Oracle enhanced the R03B505 AR Invoice Print and provided a new version, XJDE0004, which includes additional fields on the output. The new fields include Payment Terms, Tax Area, Tax Explanation Code, and Sale Order Information. These were all commonly requested fields for an invoice being sent to a customer.

We went from the AR Invoice looking like this:

AR invoice screenshot
To this:
AR invoice revised screenshot

This was a much-needed improvement. And with Embedded BI Publisher we could take the XML, create a template and report definition, and make this look very attractive. However, we were still missing some very valuable fields for an invoice.

Recently, Oracle provided even more enhancements on the R03B505 (XJDE0004), including Tax ID and Tax Rate fields:

AR invoice enhancements

Again, put this together with a BIP output and you can create a beautiful, meaningful invoice.

While most of this information comes directly from the F03B11, Tax ID and Tax Rate come from the Customer Master and the Tax Table.

What happens if the tax rate changes after the invoice was originally created?

In that situation, the Tax Rate will show as *N/A*. This way, the tax amount shows correctly. The same amount written to the customer ledger, and the rate or amounts do not come into question when the calculation would calculate incorrectly.

Custom ledger

Could you potentially use a calculation in the BIP template to determine what the original tax rate was and display that? Absolutely!

This enhancement was first provided under BUG 29543607 in 2019 and the newest enhancement was released in April 2023 and is included in BUG 33022509. This may not seem like a big deal but knowing this could eliminate modifications to a standard object makes keeping up to date much easier. Even more importantly, Oracle continues to enhance base JDE to help customers move forward.

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