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Business Analytics

It’s time to get more out of your data.

Too Much of a Good Thing?

Mired in endless data from disparate internal and external systems, businesses are under immense competitive pressure to clear the way for better-informed decisions using data. Without an expedient and cost-effective way to access a cross-section of data, both the descriptive analytics of traditional business intelligence (BI) and the predictive power of business analytics (BA) are effectively stymied by having too much of a good thing. It’s time to get more out of your data, and expand the scope of your analytics outside of JD Edwards.

Take Advantage of Data Insights

Traditional JD Edwards BI solutions offer a limited focus and don’t take advantage of insights that can be gained when integrating data from other sources such as CRM, IoT, or other relevant applications. The majority of organizations have an abundance of data at their fingertips, yet few are effectively using insights from data to unlock business value. Up until recently, forward looking analytics seemed like a fantasy world that would require expensive software, along with unique skill sets that would require additions in headcount. Through the use of data lakes, it’s now possible to open the doors to all data, unlocking unlimited possibilities.

What Is an AWS Data Lake?

An Amazon Web Services (AWS) Data lake, leverages the expertise of the Syntax JD Edwards team along with our unique Intellectual Property which we’ve built on top of AWS, to help expedite analytics on any subject matter. We are able to provide cost effective traditional BI in an elegant serverless architecture and can also easily feed relevant data into AWS, continuously improving and growing predictive analytical capabilities. This enables Syntax customers to experiment, discover new game changing strategies, and optimize their business.


Partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

As an AWS Premier and MSP Partner, Syntax has a long-standing partnership with AWS. Together, we will enable your organization to take advantage of one of today’s biggest opportunities: business analytics. We’ll improve your analysis capabilities to boost performance, maximize your return on investments, and increase profitability. Syntax and AWS can help you leverage data from JD Edwards and use it as a launching point to take your business analytics to the next level.

Overcome Data Silos and Gain Insights from Different Data Sources

You can’t just tell the data scientist you hired yesterday to dump the data from JD Edwards into some big data algorithm and call it a day. It’s not that simple. Syntax can help you think about your data and overcome your data silos. Although ERP systems have a lot of data, it represents only one repository. You may also have customer relationship management (CRM), human resources (HR) data, and Internet of Things (IoT) data. No matter the size of your organization or where you are on your business analytics journey, we can help you solve today’s current data conundrum and excel. Whether you are at the C-suite level or lead a line of business, you want answers and Syntax can help you find them.


AWS Certified Team


Industries Supported


Years of Business Analytics Experience


Years Supporting Mission-Critical Apps

Deep Oracle BI Experience

Syntax Services for OBIEE

Your organization has a long history with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) and how it informs business decisions. Now, if you just had the additional support you need to effectively manage, enhance and troubleshoot Oracle BI day-to-day. The Oracle Certified team at Syntax has deep roots in OBIEE, 50+ years to be exact, and we’re here to turn that BI expertise into your success.

Oracle Hyperion EPM

Syntax Has Your Back

As an Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) customer, you look for specialized knowledge of the Hyperion EPM landscape to support operational and financial planning. As an Oracle Sell Partner, Syntax stands at the ready, bringing the expertise you need and the flexibility you value to get the job done.

Data Warehouse | ETL

Prebuilt Extracts for JDE

JD Edwards customers need analytics across all areas of their business, and there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Leveraging either Talend or Oracle Data Integrator, Syntax has extracts ready to go across all database platforms, and all versions of JD Edwards, saving both huge amounts of time and money. Got 3rd party applications that you need to integrate analytics across? Our seasoned consultants and data architects have you covered there too, ensuring you data is structured properly and efficiently, providing a true 360-degree view of the business.

Consulting | Managed Services

OBIEE and Hyperion EPM Support to Match Business Needs

  • Project-Based Consulting – Upgrades, extensions to the data warehouse, adding new metrics and attributes to existing metadata
  • Managed Services – Monthly support agreements to augment internal staff – troubleshooting errors, applying patches, keeping the system running optimally, maintaining data warehouse
  • Health Check Assessments – Best Practices Audits

OBIEE and Hyperion EPM FAQs

Where are Syntax Solutions BI Managed Services Team Members located? How much experience do they have?

All members of our BI Managed Services team are 100% on shore, the majority of which are located in Atlanta, GA. All members have been working with BI, ETL and DW technologies for at least 8 years; most for many more.

How can I open a ticket or service request?

We offer multiple ways to get access to our support team. You can get in touch with service desk:

24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Toll Free: 1-877-968-2948 – Option 2
[email protected]

Our business users continuously request new metrics and attributes to be added to the existing BI metadata. Can Syntax BI managed services help with this?

Absolutely. Your plan with Syntax can be tailored to take care of typical extensions and enhancements to all areas of your BI environment: from DW, ETL, BI metadata (RPD) to front end dashboards/analytics.

We have a data warehouse as part of our BI solution. Can you help us maintain this as well?

Yes, in addition to our OBIEE / OBIFS certified consultants, our team also has ETL experts that have built and designed data warehouse solutions from scratch, and know what it takes to properly maintain and optimize them moving forward.

I see that Syntax has a JD Edwards CNC practice, and also offers various prebuilt BI solutions for JD Edwards. Does my primary data source for BI have to be JD Edwards?

No. Our BI Managed Services offerings are independent of any data sources that are analyzed by OBI.

Does Syntax replace Oracle support?

Our services are complementary and do not replace Oracle Support. We do not, will not, and cannot provide Oracle updates to our clients.

Are there any fees or penalties if I cancel or terminate my agreement?

No, just provide us 30 days cancellation notice to terminate the agreement.

Does Syntax leverage any offshore resources?

100% of our resources are US-based. We have no plans to use offshore resources.

What sets you apart from other providers?

We have two key differentiators in our approach to take technical support to unprecedented levels:

  • We have a relentless continuous improvement methodology where we work on your entire system to improve performance and reliability, identify all issues, and resolve all errors.
  • Our industry differentiator is EnterpriseCare: our state-of-the-art automated monitoring and alerting tool, which allows us to spend more time resolving issues instead of chasing them.

Do you provide support for after hours and holidays?

Yes, just call our 24×7 number (1-877-968-2948) to automatically open a ticket with us after-hours.

We are considering BI Managed Services, however, we know we will need to upgrade our Oracle BI environment in the near future. Would you also assist us with our upgrade?

In addition to our BI Managed Services, we also have the best resources in the industry capable of upgrading your existing Oracle BI release to the newest version.

We already have BI administrators in our team but they are very busy. What can Syntax do to help?

In addition to the traditional BI Managed Services plans, we have plans designed specifically to customers who already have a BI Administrator. We work side-by-side with your resource and provide coverage during vacation, time-off, and after-hours.

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