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Syntax EnterpriseCare® Monitoring

Today’s ERP Monitoring landscape forms a paradox: Too many ERP monitoring tools provide too little information. The Enterprise monitoring market is flooded with tools that measure server speed, storage usage levels, and network response time. IT Managers might find those metrics useful but, at the end of the day, business stakeholders need answers to questions like:

  • Can I complete payroll and/or MRP runs before my deadline?
  • Will my monthly, quarterly or fiscal year-end close complete and financial statements be available on time?
  • Will customer orders ship on time?

Syntax EnterpriseCare® ERP Monitoring Solutions deliver answers to these questions through a single, solution framework that correlates information from a myriad of data sources, to deliver the actionable information that JD Edwards users need to proactively resolve issues before they grow into problems.

Syntax has tailored its EnterpriseCare® ERP Monitoring solutions to deliver what users value the most: A cost-effective, scalable monitoring tool that allows you to identify and eliminate performance issues and bottlenecks before they impact your ERP environment.

Typical monitoring suites are good at providing a lot of data, but seldom provide actionable information. Often logs are so lengthy and so complex that even seasoned ERP CNCs struggle to understand them.

EnterpriseCare® for JD Edwards

Syntax EnterpriseCare® resolves those issues by delivering actionable insight into your ERP solution via an array of tools.

Job Monitor

Ensure that you invoice on time and that your finance reports run on time by tracking JD Edwards E1 Batch environment performance based on your criteria. Keep track of the number of jobs you have running, run times, job queuing, critical scheduling and subsystem scheduling to optimize performance.

Log Monitor

Isolate root causes of problematic issues such as infinite loop errors and expedite resolution times with our algorithmic log monitoring. Eliminate the need to manually review text files as you finally conquer your JD Edwards logs.

Data Integrity Monitor

Keep your sales order production schedules on time by catching and resolving invalid items, item branches, branch plants and dates before an interruption can occur.

Virtual User Monitor

Experience system issues and performance as your end user experiences it, by simulating logins via user type, user action, and user location.

Reservation Monitor

Detect and eliminate stale JD Edwards records before they can consume storage unnecessarily and/or impact performance.

Database Monitor

Detect and eliminate bottlenecks by monitoring all database logs, backups and blocking regardless of whether you’re running JD Edwards on DB2, Oracle or SQL.

Technical Purge Monitor

Optimize storage on disk by purging unnecessary batch tables and print queues, workflows, logs and temporary folders, orphan security records and user overrides, scheduler packages and security histories.

Monthly Report Monitor

Prepare proactively for your next CNC audit by keeping your environment in compliance with best practices as you identify and eliminate orphan objects and close unused projects. This monitoring tool will also help accurately align your licensing costs according to the real size of your user base.

Auto Updater Monitor

Keep all JD Edwards modules and files up to date by automatically running nightly service updates and checking for updates twice a week. Track your updates via a master log.

Eliminate Your Unplanned Oracle System Outages

As an Oracle Sell Partner, Syntax has several decades of experience in helping clients manage their Oracle JD Edwards licensing. Contact us today to start simplifying Oracle licensing.

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