Put Your IIoT Plan in Gear

Cloud-based services have the potential to utterly upend your shop floor. Instead of being challenged by such a change, be prepared for it.

From predictive maintenance to predictive quality, there are numerous business benefits for bringing process and machine data to AWS. You can set up automated alerts to immediately notify when a problem emerges. You can even assess if your machines are properly and accurately calibrated. Overall, you can not only collect data but make it actionable in your daily business operations. In fact, customers consistently report that optimizing their process control on a cloud-based data-driven architecture improves their OEE and reduces production cost significantly.

Even if you don’t have in-house AWS expertise, it is possible for you to minimize risk and develop a successful data-driven transformation plan. Start by partnering with the experienced team at Syntax.

Benefit from Years of Real-World-Tested Solutions

Don’t trust your transformation – or your digital future – to just anyone. The Syntax team has decades of cloud experience in active manufacturing environments. That means we’ve already streamlined our process, learned from our mistakes, and identified the most effective, step-by-step guidance to get you from where you are now to where you want to be next.



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About Syntax’s IIoT Expert

Jens Beck  |  Director of IoT, Analytics & Innovative Cloud Services

Jens Beck joined Syntax as the company’s Senior Manager Analytics in October 2018 and was promoted to Director of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Analytics & Innovative Cloud Services in August 2020. In this role, Jens works with Syntax’s IIoT and Analytics teams as well as Syntax’s Innovative Cloud Services, Security and Architecture teams to develop innovative IoT and analytics solutions and services for Syntax’s global customers. Syntax’s current portfolio of IoT and Analytics technologies includes SAP, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft. Syntax’s current portfolio of Innovative Cloud Services currently focuses on integration services and solutions based on Seeburger, SAP, and AWS. He has designed, implemented, and overseen enterprise resource planning (ERP), process integration, business intelligence, and business analytics solutions focused on SAP for more than 20 years.

He has spoken at countless conferences and regional user group meetings, focusing on innovation and analytics. Jens has also contributed to many articles and publications.

Jens holds a diploma in business informatics from the Berufsakademie Mannheim. He also holds multiple SAP and AWS accreditations, including the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification.