Using Oracle EBS to Enhance Custom Functionality for Labor Forecasting

Global companies require complex capabilities to manage and track hours and perform planning control for their employees. To accomplish this some companies implement hybrid models where both out-of-the box ERP functionality and custom, manual effort are needed.

For example, Oracle E-Business Suite OTL/Project users enjoy excellent functionality to manage their timecards under standard scenarios. But what about the extra planning control required for projects and forecasting?

These demands have emerged in some industries to comply with Government requirements but unfortunately Oracle EBS out-of-the-box functionality doesn’t cover these needs

Potential Pain Points without Forecasting Control

EBS offers robust out-of-the-box functionality. It gives users the ability to enter timecards, setup projects, and provides good control when integrating these modules.

But what about when there is a special set of rules, like the need to control forecasting, integrating 3rd party software, or preventing resource dead times? Oracle EBS out-of-the-box functionality is not designed for these planning scenarios.

Fortunately, there is an alternative.

The Syntax AMS Team Helps Its Customers Achieve Their Goals

Application Managed Services (AMS) from Syntax are specifically designed to meet needs like the ones outlined above. In fact, Syntax is already helping clients tailor their Oracle E-Business Suite solutions to meet planning and forecast requirements and other custom functionality needs.

Some benefits from these enhancements include user-friendly self-service forms to enter forecasting per employee; per project administration functionality; the use of dashboards to evaluate, compare, and review planner versus actual hours; and preventing resource dead time. We have also enabled companies to integrate with 3rd party software to manage employee hours usage and implemented alerts to motivate employees to keep their time up to date.

For Syntax clients, our Apps DBAs and OIE, Projects and SR Developers, and Subject Matter Experts are already familiar with both their systems and their business requirements. This allows Syntax to provide these Oracle E-Business Suite users the agility they need to re-configure systems quickly.

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