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What is RISE with SAP? Everything You Should Know

RISE with SAP allows companies to build a digitally connected organization that is designed to adopt innovations faster and enhance business processes

SAP is extending its enterprise resource planning (ERP) footprint by introducing RISE with SAP. As a digital process enabler and supply chain hub, SAP with RISE offers an array of cloud ERP modules made with industry-specific needs in mind for an all-in-one approach to ERP. While RISE may seem like another set of deployments at first glance, it is a streamlined and advanced construction of ERP systems that allows for full transparency, automation, and industry-specific solutions.

According to the World Economic Forum, it is expected that 50% of human tasks will be automated by 2025. Amidst the rapid evolution of business processes from legacy systems to the cloud, every company must be an intelligent enterprise. SAP with RISE simplifies deployments while still allowing companies to have a custom experience. This means that now every company can have enterprise-level experience in SAP with RISE.

What is RISE with SAP?

Companies have been through a lot of change since the onset of the global pandemic. Despite unprecedented tech adoption and rapid business transformation, many organizations still choose to maintain their legacy systems instead of rebuilding their business infrastructure to meet growing expectations of cloud-based operations.

RISE with SAP allows companies to build a digitally connected organization that is designed to adopt innovations faster, improve business processes, and foster dynamic relationships with other trading partners. Fueled by intelligent automation, RISE with SAP can help organizations unlock new growth opportunities, optimize operations, and drive sustainability. Additionally, real-time insights and increased agility meets next-gen standards for speed and compliance.

What is Included in RISE with SAP?

One of the best things about RISE with SAP is that organizations can choose where to start in their digital journey according to their specific company needs. RISE with SAP also allows teams to design the strategy that will work best for their business resources, time restraints, and goals.

Five core elements are included in RISE with SAP to help organizations achieve their digital transformations:

1. SAP S/4HANA Cloud

This modular ERP solution helps organizations become more innovative via new industry models. Artificial intelligence (AI) systems built into the cloud allow you to establish process efficiency and maintain sustainability standards across the network. SAP S/4HANA Cloud is the foundation RISE with SAP, providing faster reporting, advanced analytics, streamlined user experience (UX) for your mission-critical systems.

2. Business Process Intelligence (BPI)

BPI from SAP helps companies to understand and change processes fast and at scale. A clear picture of processes from end-to-end allows you to unlock SAP business value and gain insights into overall performance. In addition to analyzing processes, organizations will receive tailored recommendations and relevant SAP S/4HANA business scenarios.

3. Technology Cloud Credits

Technology cloud credits integrate with other solutions through SAP or third parties to conveniently connect data with business tools. RISE with SAP allows you to drive innovation faster with these credits to fast-track your transformation. The SAP Business Technology Platform gives companies access to thousands of pre-built integrations and bots to streamline operations through automation and access to tools for cloud data management, enterprise planning, and business intelligence.

4. SAP Business Network Starter Pack

RISE with SAP also allows companies to access network-wide intelligence to guide their decisions in real-time. This feature radically improves operations through collaboration by creating new connections with trading partners. With enhanced visibility, organizations can respond to disruptions more quickly with streamlined freight collaboration and access to a global network of shippers and carriers.

5. Embedded Tools and Services

There are several embedded tools and services that come in RISE with SAP to provide business analytics and support migration over to SAP S/4HANA Cloud. There are applications to clean up custom code, accelerate project implementation, or access SAP learning content. RISE with SAP is the most streamlined and simplified ERP system with tailored guidance and tools to meet every business need.

Industry-specific Packages

Organizations need industry-specific solutions to learn and apply for optimal efficiency in a rapidly evolving digital environment to achieve true business transformation. RISE with SAP brings together the tools that your company needs in one convenient package.

Each package comes with a set of business applications that are designed to enhance the transformation process and business operations, analytics, and logistics all in one place.

  • Automotive – The automotive package includes tools that encompass electric vehicles, sensors, and changing consumer behavior.
  • Consumer Products – The consumer products package includes business applications that help your company exceed expectations through customized market solutions, automated processes, and enhanced customer experience (CX).
  • Industrial Machinery and Components – The industrial machinery and components package allows companies to run end-to-end processes that drive revenue with automation and real-time data to develop individualized products and services.
  • Retail – The retail package provides tools that allow companies to make sales.
  • Utilities – The utilities package offers solutions that allow organizations to mitigate risk, reduce costs and accelerate their time to market.
  • Human Experience Management – Increase engagement, productivity, agility, and make better decisions faster with tools to enhance your strategy.
  • Modular Cloud ERP – Transform your business operations, improve security, and keep up with the ever-changing business technology environment so that you can continue to meet the needs of your vendors and customers.


RISE with SAP offers organizations the opportunity to transform from a legacy system to an intelligent enterprise fully. A simplified journey through your business transformation that removes complexity and builds confidence across departments can help laggards catch up to increasing consumer demands. In addition to faster implementation, companies can reduce their spending while investing in innovation.

With 90% of data and analytics innovation expected to be driven by cloud services in 2022,

optimization and successful SAP implementation is crucial for companies to ensure their systems are running smoothly and competitively. RISE with SAP officially removes complexity from everyday business systems so that companies can focus on performance. To learn more about SAP, visit our SAP insights page, where you can access our SAP whitepapers, webinars, data sheets, and much more.